Hong Kong Culture and Business reflective writing

| September 28, 2015

The topic of this assignment relates to your insight from your group research project(I will upload my group essay in my account).
Firstly, select one key finding from your group research project. This finding could be based on your individual research for this project or your learning from the other group members’ research. You need to pick just one of these findings.
This reflection task is NOT about reflecting on your group work experience and process. For example, we don’t want you to describe which group members did which work components and/or explain how tasks were allocated to each group member. Your insight needs to relate to the content of your “research work” including reading academic publications, watching audio and visual materials and your discussions with group members.
We recommend you to structure your writing using the DIEP structure(I will upload the details of DIEP structure), which will make easier for you to write your reflection.For this assignment, the word limit is expanded to 600 words so you can write more than four paragraphs, while still addressing the Describe, Interpretation, Evaluation and Planning sections. It is recommended that you allocate more words to the I and E sections, as these two sections demonstrate how your insight is supported by academic references. In contrast, you should not write too much in the D and P sections, as these are not the core of your writing. Before you start writing, you need to plan how to structure your reflection.

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