Honda Motor CO. Business Environment

| March 13, 2014

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Honda Motor CO.
A slide presentation (8-10 slides in total) with research notes and an annotated table of references analysing given factors in the business environment of a specific organisation.
General guidance for Individual Coursework
You will be assigned a company in class. – Honda Motor CO.
Make sure the work you submit is your own. Quotations, factual information and opinions that are not your own require references to the original source. Provide all appropriate references in a conventional academic style.
Do not contact the company. Your presentation should be based on publicly available information.
You can use the company website for general information. Remember to cite the specific page on the website where you found the information.
Do not copy and paste any information – this will not attract any marks and could possibly lead to plagiarism.
Make sure you use independent, reliable sources of information about the specific issues in the assignment brief related to the company.
There are three parts to the assignment:
1 PowerPoint presentation slides
2 Research notes that support the presentation, demonstrate the breadth and depth of research, and the support the conclusions
3 Annotated bibliography/table of references
The process for this assignment is as follows:
-1 First, search for the required information using the recommended sources
-2 Second, evaluate the information you have gathered on the bases of the reliability of the source, how current is the information and whether it is relevant to the tasks set out in the assignment; separate the information that meets these criteria
-3 Third, working primarily with the information you have left, reach a judgement on which bits of information are ‘evidence’ of the importance, or significance, of a factor in the business environment of your company
-4 Finally, use the information to reach informed conclusions about the factors under consideration and make a judgement about whether the company’s business environment.
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