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Donegan’s Lawn Care Service began operations in July 2011. The company uses the following general ledger accounts:

Cash Capital Stock
Accounts Receivable Retained Earnings
Office Supplies Mowing Revenue
Mowing Equipment Salaries Expense
Accounts Payable Fuel Expense
Notes Payable

The company engaged in the following transactions during its first month of operations:

July 18 Issued 500 shares of capital stock to Patrick Donegan for $1,500.
July 22 Purchased office supplies on account for $100.
July 23

Purchased mowing equipment for $2,000, paying $400 cash and issuing a 60-day note payable for the remaining balance.

July 24 Paid $25 cash for gasoline. All of this fuel will be used in July.
July 25 Billed Lost Creek Cemetery $150 for mowing services. The entire amount is due July 30.
July 26 Billed Golf View Condominiums $200 for mowing services. The entire amount is due August 1.
July 30 Collected $150 from Lost Creek Cemetery for mowing services provided on July 25.
July 31 Paid $80 salary to employee Teddy Grimm for work performed in July.


Record each of the above transactions in general journal form. (Omit the “$” sign in your response.)

Date General Journal Debit Credit
July 18 (Click to select)Mowing equipmentCapital stockFuel expenseOffice suppliesMowing revenueNotes payableAccounts payableCash
(Click to select)Fuel expenseCashNotes payableOffice suppliesMowing equipmentCapital stockMowing revenueAccounts payable
22 (Click to select)Notes payableMowing revenueOffice suppliesMowing equipmentFuel expenseCapital stockAccounts payableCash
(Click to select)Capital stockFuel expenseNotes payableCashOffice suppliesAccounts payableMowing equipmentMowing revenue
23 (Click to select)Notes payableOffice suppliesMowing revenueCashAccounts payableFuel expenseMowing equipmentCapital stock
(Click to select)Notes payableCapital stockMowing equipmentFuel expenseAccounts receivableOffice suppliesCashAccounts payable
(Click to select)Office suppliesFuel expenseCapital stockMowing equipmentAccounts payableNotes payableCashAccounts receivable
24 (Click to select)Fuel expenseCapital stockMowing revenueAccounts payableOffice suppliesMowing equipmentNotes payableCash
(Click to select)Office suppliesCashFuel expenseMowing revenueAccounts payableCapital stockMowing equipmentNotes payable
25 (Click to select)Office suppliesAccounts receivableFuel expenseNotes payableMowing equipmentCapital stockMowing revenueCash
(Click to select)Accounts payableOffice suppliesFuel expenseCapital stockMowing revenueNotes payableCashMowing equipment
26 (Click to select)Mowing revenueOffice suppliesMowing equipmentFuel expenseNotes payableCapital stockAccounts receivableCash
(Click to select)Office suppliesMowing revenueCapital stockFuel expenseAccounts payableCashMowing equipmentNotes payable
30 (Click to select)Mowing equipmentAccounts payableOffice suppliesCapital stockMowing revenueNotes payableFuel expenseCash
(Click to select)Mowing equipmentOffice suppliesNotes payableFuel expenseCashMowing revenueAccounts receivableCapital stock
31 (Click to select)Salaries expenseCashNotes payableCapital stockAccounts payableFuel expenseOffice suppliesMowing revenue
(Click to select)Capital stockMowing equipmentOffice suppliesNotes payableCashFuel expenseMowing revenueAccounts payable


Post each entry to the appropriate ledger accounts. (Record the transactions in the given order.Omit the “$” sign in your response.)


(Click to select)July 31July 22July 26July 23July 18 (Click to select)July 25July 28July 24July 26July 23
(Click to select)July 30July 23July 20July 18July 26 (Click to select)July 23July 30July 26July 18July 24
(Click to select)July 31July 18July 24July 26July 25

(Click to select)July 25July 24July 18July 31July 22 bal.

Accounts Receivable

(Click to select)July 26July 23July 30July 25July 18 (Click to select)July 23July 25July 30July 18July 26
(Click to select)July 26July 30July 18July 23July 25

(Click to select)July 20July 31July 23July 25July 26 bal.

Office Supplies

(Click to select)July 26July 23July 30July 22July 18

(Click to select)July 25July 31July 23July 26July 20 bal.

Mowing Equipment

(Click to select)July 23July 22July 26July 30July 18

(Click to select)July 31July 23July 18July 22July 26 bal.

Accounts Payable

(Click to select)July 18July 23July 22July 31July 26

(Click to select)July 26July 23July 18July 31July 22 bal.

Notes Payable

(Click to select)July 26July 23July 31July 22July 18

(Click to select)July 18July 23July 22July 26July 31 bal.

Capital Stock

(Click to select)July 23July 31July 18July 22July 26

(Click to select)July 26July 31July 22July 18July 23 bal.

Retained Earnings

(Click to select)July 18July 23July 22July 31July 26 bal.

Mowing Revenue

(Click to select)July 23July 31July 25July 18July 26
(Click to select)July 26July 25July 23July 18July 31

(Click to select)July 30July 28July 31July 25July 1 bal.

Salaries Expense

(Click to select)July 31July 24July 18July 23July 26

(Click to select)July 26July 23July 31July 25July 18 bal.

Fuel Expense

(Click to select)July 24July 18July 26July 31July 23

(Click to select)July 23July 18July 25July 31July 26 bal.


Prepare a trial balance dated July 31, 2011. (Omit the “$” sign in your response.)

Trial Balance
July 31, 2011
(Click to select)Mowing equipmentCapital stockAccounts payableCashNotes payable $
(Click to select)Accounts receivableCapital stockNotes payableRetained earningsMowing equipment
(Click to select)Mowing equipmentAccounts payableOffice suppliesCapital stockNotes payable
(Click to select)Office suppliesAccounts payableCapital stockMowing equipmentNotes payable
(Click to select)Office suppliesAccounts receivableCashAccounts payableSalaries expense $
(Click to select)Accounts receivableOffice suppliesNotes payableCashSalaries expense
(Click to select)Office suppliesCapital stockAccounts receivableSalaries expenseCash
(Click to select)Accounts receivableSalaries expenseCashRetained earningsOffice supplies
(Click to select)Mowing revenueFuel expenseAccounts receivableSalaries expenseCash
(Click to select)Fuel expenseAccounts payableSalaries expenseMowing revenueRetained earnings
(Click to select)Fuel expenseRetained earningsSalaries expenseMowing revenueAccounts payable

$ $

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