| January 14, 2016

1. List all standards of IEEE 802.11 from a to z. Describe each of them briey in a sentence or two.

2.  Compare and contrast OFDM, DSSS and FHSS in terms of various metrics. Explain the current technology with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (i.e., tell if they use DSSS or FHSS or OFDM other form of spread spectrum).

3.  Describe what MIB is. What is the dierence between a standard and an enterprise MIB?

4.  Explain hidden and exposed terminal problems in wireless transmission.

5.  Describe 3 attacks on WEP.

6. Probe messages are sent as part of IEEE 802.11 from the clients. Please describe the format of a Probe message.

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