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| July 17, 2016

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A discussion forum post consists of an original entry of at least 500 words (approximately 2-3 typed, 12-pt font, double-spaced pages) and draws directly and meaningfully from class material (readings, PPTs, videos, songs, images) in order to critically respond to each week's prompt. Your response should 1) make a critical claim (argument) and 2) use class material as evidence to support your claim.

How does Dylan's historical reading of humanity's use of God, along with Dillard's meditation on seemingly senseless destruction, complicate the coherency of morality and ethics emanating from the divine? However, how does Dillard, and Dylan's final verse, ultimately locate a solution back within the divine?


In other words, how do our works locate the problem and the solution within the sacred? What do you make of this? And how might Dillard's emphasis that the divine is not only transcendent, but is more significantly immanent (this is the “holy firm,” a bridge between the material and the spiritual, between the human and the divine), offer a solution to both senseless violence and ethical conduct? If the divine is within and of this world, then how might we read suffering and destruction? Where does responsibility lie?


Moreover, how does mysticism offer an ethical retort to Dylan's proclamation?


In developing your response, consider specifically Dillard's attempt to understand how evil, violence, death, and destruction can exist within a world created by an all-good God.

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