Holistic Nursing Process

| October 28, 2015

Review the needs, challenges or problems you identified in your Case Study from last week’s assignment. For each need, challenge or problem identified, provide a desired outcome. Include a supporting rationale for each desired outcome. Outcomes should be stated as SMART goals (specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic, and time limited).
List at least one holistic nursing intervention you will use to achieve the outcome for each of the nursing diagnoses listed on your plan. Provide supporting rationale for each chosen intervention. The rationale should include what the intervention will provide for the patient, what level of the person it will address, and how it will assist the patient in achieving the desired outcome.
Define the evaluation criteria to track the effect of each of the interventions on the patient’s health and healing process.

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Fiscal Concerns in the Health Care Setting Case Study
Evidence based practice in literature review format. Select from: Endocarditis, Long QT, Pulmonary embolus, Atrial fibrillation, Acute coronary syndrome


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