HLTH100 Professional Communication Practice

| August 20, 2015

I attached two important file, both are contain multiple choice questions and true false questions for a previous students who did this unit before. I am sure that the quiz can be 100% similar to one of these file.
Please, prepare your self with these questions before you are do the quiz. However, you have my access to log in in my module, you find all the materials you need or you might be to have a look.
Online assessment 4
Due date: Sunday 31st May 2015 by 1159PM
This is a short quiz that should not take you long to complete. The quiz will open on Monday 25th May 2015 at 9AM. However, you should complete the quiz as soon as you can as leaving things until the last minute could prevent you from doing your best.
There are 20 questions and the format consists of a combination of multiple choice and Yes/No questions. The quiz will assess online learning for Weeks 7-11.
How is this assessment connected to the learning outcomes?
This assessment relates to learning outcomes 2 and 3:
demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills with clients, families and significant others;
demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills with other professionals and professional organisations;
demonstrate effective inter-professional teamwork and collaboration skills

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HLTH100 Professional Communication Practice
‘Costume drama’ offers an ideologically and politically challenged view of history – discuss with reference to at least two different TV costume dramas, one public service and one commercial.


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