HLTH 644 The Solution to Job Needs Worker Retraining Paper https://www.usnews.com/news/elections/articles/2020-04-14/retraining-workers-could-solve-unemplo

HLTH 644 The Solution to Job Needs Worker Retraining Paper https://www.usnews.com/news/elections/articles/2020-04-14/retraining-workers-could-solve-unemployment-and-health-care-worker-shortage-amid-pandemicI have summarized this article to a page or half. Comment on what I wrote and add your opinion from the original article. support it with one or two references. As a healthcare administrative professional, one of the top challenges we face is personnel
shortages (American University, n.d.). During the times of COVID-19, these shortages have
increased greatly. This article addresses an interesting approach to tackling the personnel
shortage many healthcare facility face today. Retraining workers that have been laid off or are
now experiencing unemployment could be pivotal as we face this war on Coronavirus. Though
this has happened in a matter of days or press conferences for millions of Americans across the
country, one study found that eventually impending job displacement could happen to many
(World Economic Forum, 2018). Job transitions and continuous learning of new skills can be a
way for workers to adapt and ensure their viability and livelihoods are not effected in the case of
a market like the one we are currently experiencing (World Economic Forum, 2018). The World
Economic Forum depicted a series of roles and skills that would help depict job fitness for
healthcare professions including bank tellers transitioning to opticians or pharmaceutical service
workers or office administrative staff transitioning to healthcare practitioners (2018). The article
quotes that the “Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia and Cleveland will soon release research
that creates “similarity scores” “ These similarity scores could help us as healthcare
administrators develop Human Resources (HR) hiring techniques that search for skills and
knowledge sets rather than education and certifications. This can’t be said for positions like
physicians, pharmacists, and nurses; however, it could be a step in the right direction of hiring
skilled medical office clerks or medical scrolls that could train to become medical assistants and
maybe eventually nurses. Our hiring techniques must get creative if we want to address the large
deficit in healthcare personnel we currently and will continue to face. Retraining and skill-based
hiring could be the key to the future of healthcare HR.

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