HIV/AIDS Prevention Intervention

| May 19, 2014

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This paper has three parts. In Part I, identify a specific population to which an HIV prevention intervention could be targeted (some suggestions are listed below). Clearly define/describe the target population using the following characteristics (feel free to add others): age (or grade level if focusing on children/youth); race/ethnicity; gender (male, female, transgender MTF or FTM); sexual orientation (heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual); HIV status (+/-); profession (teachers, health care providers, commercial sex workers, migrant farm
workers); location (country, state, city); setting in which you would provide intervention (school, community, campus, street outreach, prison/jail, hospital/clinic, drug treatment facility, etc.). Describe the significance of HIV/AIDS among this target population using relevant
epidemiological data. Also, a detailed description of specific behaviors in which the target population
engages that places them at risk for HIV and the environmental context and/or structural factors that
increase the target populations risk for HIV must be provided.
Children/Youth/Young adults (specify ages and/or grades)
Parents (specify ages of children)
Teachers (pre-service or in-service)
Members of a specific Faith-Based Organization/Church
Health Care Providers
Women/Pregnant Women/Older Women
Men/Older Men
Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)
Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Community
Inmates/Incarcerated Populations
Commercial Sex Workers/Prostitutes
Persons with a Substance Abuse Problem
STD Clinic Patients
Immigrants/Migrant Workers
Homeless Populations
In Part II of the paper, research and provide a comprehensive overview and description of existing effective HIV prevention interventions that have been developed for similar target populations and/or address risk factors (behavioral and/or structural) similar to those of the target population. Include in the description each these interventions: theories used to guide the development of these interventions; in what setting(s) these interventions were implemented; how participants were recruited to participate in these interventions; a detailed description of intervention
content, as well as length of intervention (i.e., # sessions/hours); and who provided/led these
interventions/sessions (i.e., professionals, peer-led, etc.). Lastly, describe the effectiveness of these interventions what behavior(s) or other risk factors were demonstrated to change as a result of these interventions?
In Part III, describe which of the effective interventions identified/discussed in Part II can be utilized to target the population identified in Part I. Would you use one specific intervention, chose components of several interventions, or create your own (a new intervention) to implement with your target population? Describe.
Which aspects of these interventions would you keep
and which would you change when targeting your target population? Discuss and provide specific
examples. Cite sources using APA format
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