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| January 12, 2016

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For this assignment, you need to visit the National Archives Experience. Historians typically use two types of materials, secondary source, and primary source documents. Secondary sources are typically books and articles written on a particular historical event, well after the fact. Primary source documents are usually generated by first-hand participants. Good historians rely heavily on original materials created at the time of the event. For this reason, historians spend a good deal of time at the archives. There are many types of archives, but by far, the largest in the United States, is the National Archives in Washington, D.C.  The system will then allow you to create posters


Once you have collected your documents, you can create, create three posters Naturally, you will need some other information, and you can gather that through the internet, or other books and articles. It is best to avoid using textbooks.


  1. Poster Option:  Battle of Bull Run must have 3 posters


  1. Must include a minimum of one relevant image or document for each poster.
  2. Each poster must include a narrative that explains the historical significance.

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