History of the United States

| February 17, 2014

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Book Essay Expectations From Course: History of the United States Book: by Joseph Ellis E-Book website: (Google e-book)It should be in essay format, six to seven pages in length. Please use complete sentences, spell check, and remember to cite your sources. No plagiarism! You do not need to use a formalized notation for citing sources. You may simply put the page number in parenthesis (286) to note your source. If the source is different from your selected book, you may make the notation in parenthesis following the sentence. For example, (Murrin 1002) or give the web site where you obtained the information. For example, (www.medalofhonor.com/DouglasMacArthur) NOTE: You should not use more than two references from the internet! Use your selected book to write your essay.
1.Please include the above ?°outline points?± in the body of your essay. 2.Your essay should include an overview (summary) of the book. What is the book about? What issues does it cover? 3.What is the author(s) theme or purpose?4.In your essay, please touch upon the book??s social, cultural, or political significance. That is, what larger issues or debates within American history does your book cover? (For example, if you were reading an autobiography of Malcolm X, then certainly civil rights would be one theme you would mention in your essay.) 5.What is the scope of the book? That is, does it cover just the United States? A city? What is the chronology of the book? Does it cover a five year span of time or a 50 year span of time? 6.Do you think the author??s personal and/or political values shaped his/her argument? (Hint: look up author??s profile on the net and/or look at author??s short biography in the Library. (Ask the research librarian for assistance in finding ?°information about authors.?± You may also want to look up a book review of your selected book. However, if you use material from the book review, remember to cite your sources!)7.Do you think the author supported his/her purpose of the book? Explain your opinion. 8.Include how you think historian Gawronski or Carr??s viewpoint agrees or differs from the author of your book. Important: Please follow the guidelines on number of pages. Remember, if you copy a phrase or sentence of the book??use quotations with the page number following the quotation. If you say the same thing as the author is saying but in your own words you must still give the author credit. Do not plagiarize. It is considered cheating and stealing! It should be completed all of these 7 requirements.
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