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| April 8, 2019

1st assignment

In the Scientific Revolution module, we learned about scientists who made revolutionary discoveries about people, nature, and the universe. Using new technology such as the telescope and the microscope, scientists and amateurs alike looked at the world with wonder and amazement. Almost four hundred years later, our interest in science and technology has not diminished.

To help you understand the role science and technology continues to play in our world, locate an article on current science and technology. Second, write a brief summary of the article and include an explanation of why you chose the article and its relevance today. Third, post your summary, why you chose the article, and its relevance (why it is important) and the URL (web address/link to the article) in your first discussion board post.

2nd assignment

In your groups (2), read the assigned textbook pages and create a detailed graphic organizer on the Scientific Revolution. See, the graphic organizer rubric for specific grading criteria. Please note: This is not a PPT presentation. It must be in the form of a Graphic Organizer.

The Graphic Organizer must include the following information: causes or reasons for the Scientific Revolution and the major figures of the Scientific Revolution listed below. Use the Internet to research the contributions of each of each of these individuals to the Scientific Revolution and include a famous quote if possible.

Graphic Organizers may be created using Prezi, Microsoft Publisher, or on a PPT slide (Not an entire PowerPoint just one slide). You may also choose to use another web based program to create the graphic organizer.

Major Figures of the Scientific Revolution from Chapter 14 Textbook pages 425-436:

Nicolaus Copernicus

Johannes Kepler

Galileo Galilei

Isaac Newton

Andreas Vesalius

William Harvey

Anton van Leeuwenhoek

Robert Boyle

Francis Bacon

Rene Descartes

3rd assignment

We often associate revolutions with sudden changes which occur within a country’s society. However, normally revolutions are the result of long-range or indirect problems compounded with negative direct changes in the economy, social structure, and politics of an area.

For this discussion, use the French Revolution Learning Materials Module, your EBook, and the internet to research the various indirect and direct causes of the French Revolution.

Second, after gathering your research, identify one problem or analogous situation today which you believe could indicate the United States may experience some type of similar upheaval (for example, political factions, crime, debt, income inequality, etc.)

Third, use the internet to research your modern day problem or analogous situation. In your first discussion board post, assume the role of a concerned citizen who would like to bring the situation to the attention of your peers. Explain the modern day problem or analogous situation and explain how it connects to a major cause or issue of the French Revolution. Include the URL (web address/link to the article or articles) which you used to research the modern day problem or analogous situation.

Last, read the posts made by other students. Choose 2 of your peer’s posts which interest you and write a response expressing your opinion/viewpoint on their problem or similar situation and how it relates to an aspect of the French Revolution. If your peers have not clearly explained the problem or similar situation and tied it to an aspect of the French Revolution, please address that issue in your response to them.

Please make your initial post by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday. Read peers’ posts and respond to a minimum of two peers by the date the module ends at 11:59 pm CST.

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History homework help

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