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| April 3, 2019

For this assignment, you will analyze an historical debate over an issue of your choice from the second half of U.S. History (after 1877). You will need to find at least 2 opposing perspectives on that issue from peer-reviewed articles (you should use the library database for these articles; any website articles must be approved by me – no “encyclopedia” style articles such as History.com, bbc.com, pbs.org, britannica.com, etc. will be accepted as the sources must have a clear argument/thesis). You will use those articles to answer the following questions:

Part I. Introduction: (20 pts)

· Describe in general the issue. (For example, you may analyze the importance of this issue in terms of to the culture, economics, political system, or social structure at the time.)

Part II.  Historical Debate: (35 pts)


· Read two perspectives (articles) on this argument from different sides, and describe the authors’ perspectives on this topic: (This assignment is not an article review, however, you need to demonstrate that you understand the readings in order to address the application questions).

. After reading the articles, what were the authors’ thesis?

. What evidence did the authors use to support those theses?

. Does the evidence support his or her thesis?

. Did the author(s) of the readings demonstrate an understanding of important elements of the culture’s history, values, politics, beliefs, or practices at the time of the issue? How or how not?

. Which author created the clearer argument? Why did you feel that argument is clearer?

 Part III.  Conclusion (25 pts)

· How did the readings change the way in which you understood the subject?

· How might your own background influence your perspective on this issue? Provide examples.

· Compare and Contrast the cultural issues presented in the readings with a  current national or global issue ?

Format: (20 pts)


The paper must be a minimum of 1000 words. Typed, double-spaced, using 11 point font. The assignment will be uploaded as a file on Blackboard.

At the end of the paper you need to include a Works Cited page in which you list your sources using Chicago/Turabian citation style. If you use webarticles or ebooks, give me the full web address (not just the home page or search engine page that you used to find it). If you quote from any source, you need to cite your quotations in Endnotes using Chicago style citations.

Topic: Role of a major civil rights leader (for example Martin Luther King, Jr)

Pick 2 Citations:

Neumann, Caryn E. “Waking from the Dream: The Struggle for Civil Rights in the Shadow of Martin Luther King, Jr.” Teaching History: A Journal of Methods, Fall 2017, p. 108+. U.S. History in Context, http://0-link.galegroup.com.libcat.sanjac.edu/apps/doc/A520714020/UHIC?u=txshracd2544&sid=UHIC&xid=6ae241b3. Accessed 2 Apr. 2019.

Davies, Tom Adam. “The Chicago Freedom Movement: Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights Activism in the North.” Journal of Southern History, vol. 83, no. 2, 2017, p. 473+. U.S. History in Context, http://0-link.galegroup.com.libcat.sanjac.edu/apps/doc/A495476268/UHIC?u=txshracd2544&sid=UHIC&xid=1f53a56d. Accessed 2 Apr. 2019.

Siddiqui, Tasneem. “Dream and Legacy: Dr. Martin Luther King in the Post-Civil Rights Era.” Journal of Southern History, vol. 85, no. 1, 2019, p. 227+. U.S. History in Context, http://0-link.galegroup.com.libcat.sanjac.edu/apps/doc/A575902227/UHIC?u=txshracd2544&sid=UHIC&xid=329bd28b. Accessed 2 Apr. 2019.

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