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| January 8, 2016

ancient civilization

based on movie amazing grace answer the following questions.

1. what economical and political arguments were made against banning the slave trade?

2. how did the french revolution and the subsequent war against france make it mor difficult to pass a law banning the slave trade?

3. what tools did wilberforce and his colleagues use to fight for passage his bill’s passage in parliment?

based on the movie hard times answer the following questions.

1. what point does dickens seem to be making regarding utilitarianism? and how it is linked with the following qoute from the end of movie: “people say there is the wisdom of the head and the wisdom of the heart.  i didn’t believe it.  i thought the wisdom of the head was enough.”

2. how is bounderby shown to be a hypocrite by the end of the film?  and how is this used by Dickens as a way to make a statement about the idea of the “self made man”

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