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| December 24, 2015

summary of Beirut Fragments: A war Memoir by Jean Said Makdisi. pages94-149

Dear Students,

As I noted today in class, you will have a bonus assignment based on reading pages 94-149 of Jean Said Makdisi’s
Beirut Fragments: A War Memoir.

Provide a 1 page written response to this excerpt. Please use 12 point font Times New Roman in double-spaced paragraph format. In your response please include the following:

1. Summary of the excerpt. What is it about? What experiences does the author relate to the reader?

2. Your reaction to the text. What did you find interesting? What do you agree with or disagree with? Do you like the author’s prose? Be specific and give detailed examples.

3. How does a text like this enhance our understanding of some of the events the author lived through, some of which are key events in Arab history? How does reading a memoir differ from reading a textbook or an online encylopedia entry? Is it a better form of evidence or is it simply different?

You will receive a bonus of a range from +1 to +5 points if you submit this response essay. It will be due on the last day of class either via e-mail or in print version. This is a good opportunity to read an exciting text and to enhance your grade. BTW: Jean Said Makdisi is the late Edward Said’s sister, but they’re very different people.

With best wishes,


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