History: American Revolution

| February 3, 2014

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Topic: Both national governments created after American independence reflect the concerns and complaints of the colonists toward the British imperial government. In one sense, the Articles are an over-reaction to their fears, while the Constitution represents the lessons learned from the political revolution they carried out. In this essay, discuss the specific ways these two governments reflect the complaints toward the imperial government and the lessons the Founding Fathers learned. Hint: You might consider the following in formulating your answer: What were the chief complaints about the imperial government? How did the Articles of Confederation address the complaints you listed? What problems were caused by this? How did the Constitution address the complaints you listed? How did the Constitution reflect a change in thought about the complaint – what did the Founders learn? # Requirements This is to be your basic college level essay with an introduction and clear thesis statement which defines your well-thought out argument. The body of the paper should be evidence (proof) supporting your argument. And the paper should end with a conclusion, or summing up, of what you just wrote about. See “Writing for Dr. Breuer” for more specific details on what constitutes an “A” history paper. Feel free to use the Writing Center in the Library for help in writing the basic essay. I do not want you to merely summarize the events of colonization. DO NOT QUOTE from the secondary sources (books, websites, etc.). In a paper this short your argument is much stronger if it is in your own words. The only time a short quote (one sentence, but preferably a phrase only) from a document should be used is if you are specifically discussing that quote to make your point or you use it in the course of making your point. If you overly rely upon quotes, you will lose points. Be sure to properly cite any quote you have parenthetically within the body of the paper. The proper citation for a reference from one of the documents is (author of document, document name). You also need to cite close paraphrases. Be sure to review the paragraph on academic dishonesty in the syllabus. The grade for a plagiarized paper is 0. If in doubt, cite! The paper should be double-spaced with 12pt type and 1” margins. Do not use a cover sheet, rather type your name, class, assignment and date in a single-spaced header (like the one above). Also give your essay a title, which should be centered above the first sentence of your essay. I will take points off if the paper is not in this format. Grammar and spelling count, so be sure to proof-read, do not just rely upon spell check. References Cohen, P. C., Hartman, S. M., Johnson, M. P., Lawson, A., Roark, J. L., & Stage, S. (2009). THE AMERICAN Promise. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s.
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