Historical methods Project

| March 22, 2015

Historical methods Project


The topic is “How was the involvement of psychologists in the United States military characterized in World War II? Is this characterization similar or different to the depiction of psychologists’ involvement during the Vietnam War?”
1. Generate a specific thesis statement to the topic.
a. Do you think the characterization of psychologists’ involvement in
World War II was positive or negative?
b. Do you think the characterization of psychologists’ involvement in
the Vietnam War was positive or negative?
c. [Try to answer these questions before you begin your search for
articles/books and other information]
2. Record your process of gathering the information you use to evaluate this
a. What sources did you use?
b. Where did you find them?
c. Are they “good” sources?
3. Does the evidence you’ve gathered support or refute the thesis you generated in Step 1?

6 pages with separate reference page. need good sources mostly journal articles or books on the topic.

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