Historical- Critique of an exhibition

| February 11, 2014

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You should provide a critique of an exhibition visited in the past 6 months ? your critique should look at the overall context/framework of the exhibition, its critical intent, and how it was successful in communicating its aims to an audience. In your analysis make explicit reference to the curatorial role in communicating ? or not ? to an audience.
In conclusion you should briefly discuss how the exhibition influenced your thinking in how to display your own work in the context of an exhibition ? this influence can be positive/negative – or both.
Guide to structuring your essay/article:
Your analysis should draw upon at least one of the critical discourses relating gender, stereotype and culture/identity.
In completing this assignment it is important to develop your thinking by research and to evidence this through the inclusion of direct quotations from your researched findings Try to find relevant books, articles or websites to support your argument.
You should take a definite position in your essay BUT support your personal opinion by researching and quoting those who share your views ? from books, journals, newspapers etc ? and not just what your mates think!
Possible frameworks for your critical analysis:
Class and ideas of Race(ism)
Symbolism (semiotics / fashion or art historical)
Prefer topic- Historical
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