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| February 16, 2014

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“Hollywood has a responsibility to accurately portray history”. Discuss this proposition by analyzing “JFK, Mississippi Burning and All The President’s Men” be specific. Discuss scenes from the films to illustrate your points and incorporate class materials
2 books need to used as the references for this essay
” HISTORY BY HOLLYWOOD”By Toplin ( chapter 1 Mississippi burning, chapter 2 JFK, chapter 7 all the president’s men)
” THE UNFINISHED JOURNEY AMERICAN SINCE WORLD WAR II” By William H. Chafe (chapter 7 John F. Kennedy)
the class materials link :http://www.udel.edu/History/garymay/hist221/HOLLYWOOD%20AND%20RACE2013f.pdf

Click to access 2010_JFK_Term_Sheet.pdf

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Abstract Expressionism and the Dada Movement: An artistic approach of style and movement that shaped history.
Revolutionary Movements


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