HIS 104 Week 4 Complete World Civilization II

| March 23, 2015

HIS 104 (World Civilization II)


Week 4


HIS 104 Week 4 DQ 1


Chronicle World War I. Why did the war start? How did it turn into a global affair? Who were the major players and what sides did they take? What role did European colonies play in the war? Who won? What were the peace terms? Were they fair?

HIS 104 Week 4 DQ 2


Compare and contrast three “isms” of the 20th Century – Fascism, Communism, and Nazism (National Socialism). Describe the beliefs of each. Identify any common themes that were present. Which countries embraced the movements? What leaders were associated with each? How did the movement affect society? What impact did the movements collectively have on the world?


Week 4 Assignment:


HIS 104 Week 4 Quiz (10 Q’s and A’s)

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