HIS 104 Week 3 Complete World Civilization II

| March 23, 2015

IS 104 (World Civilization II)


Week 3

HIS 104 Week 3 DQ 1


Discuss the Industrial Revolution. What sparked industrialization? What major innovations were developed? Where did it begin and how did it spread? How did industrialization change the role of women and children? Describe the factory conditions. Did they have a positive or negative effect on the workers? Overall, how big of an impact did industrialization have?

HIS 104 Week 3 DQ 2


Chronicle 19th century European imperialism. What were the motives for imperialism? How was it justified? What overall effect did it have, not only on those countries that were colonized, but also the world as a whole? Provide two specific examples from your readings.

Week 3 Assignments:

HIS 104 Week 3 Assignment Rough Draft (Slavery) 400+ Words

HIS 104 Week 3 Quiz (10 Q,s and A’s)

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