Hiroshima by John R. Hersely

| August 25, 2015

Essay-750 words

For this and all papers, include:

1. introduction and conclusion paragraphs–Your introduction should start with interesting and specific comments, not bland generalities. Your conclusion should wrap up the ideas you have discussed in your paper.

2. a thesis statement and several paragraphs of proof for your thesis. Please do not write a “hamburger” style paper (five paragraphs with each of the middle three arguing a single point–use more paragraphs!). Remember the “chunk” style of paragraph building you learned in English II. We will review this style of organization.

3. a minimum of five quotations from your novel to illustrate your ideas. Cite appropriately with page numbers in parentheses after the quotation marks, but inside the punctuation. Do not write a plot summary! Use details from the book to argue a thesis statement (an opinion). In your essay and speech, try to convince the reader (ME!) that your thesis is correct. Address the “other side” of the argument. Note: if your argument is weak, this will be very difficult. Create a strong, opinionated thesis. We will work on thesis-creating in class, and I am happy to help you outside of class. Remember: I have read your book. You are writing to me. Don’t tell me what happens, because I already know. Explain to me your thoughts about the theme, characters, plot, etc. and what details from the story support your opinion.

In your paper, you will state what percentage of the text you read, and that you had not read the book before starting this class.

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