high prevelance of diabetus in kuwait

| January 30, 2015
This assignment assesses the knowledge and skills you gained from this module through assessing your ability to prepare a research proposal including: justifying the need for research; Identifying research question or hypothesis; writing research objectives; developing appropriate research methodology (quantitative and/or qualitative); identifying the appropriate study design, sample size and sampling technique ; proposing plan for analysing the collected data; planning for research activities; identifying the requirements and budge needed for research and justifying these needs. Layout of the proposal The proposal should be typed, single-spaced, with margins at least 2.5 cm (or 1 inch) on all four sides. Pages should be numbered. 1. Summary – a summary of the full proposal (summarising the importance of the research; stating the objectives; briefly outlining the key points of the proposed research; giving the intended duration of the research; and giving the total cost of the research). (This should be written after the main proposal is close to completion.) Max 1 page. 2. Introduction to the research: why the field of study is of importance; what others have done in the field of study (description of key references, other work you may know of that has not yet been written up); and how these lead to the aim and objectives of the research. so this part should includes the followings: – Introduction to the topic – Brief description of the problem / situation under research to justify the need for this research. – Research question or hypothesis 3. Aim and objectives of the research. 4. Proposed methodology: – study region; subjects (if applicable); – study design; – sample size and sampling method; – data collection methods; – Analytical methods and planned analysis. 5. Potential risks that might hinder completion or quality of research, and how you will address/minimise them. 6. Ethical issues. 7. Personnel and materials required for the research. 8. Plan for dissemination of results to relevant groups. Max 8 pages in total for sections 2-8. 9. Timetable for the research, in tabular form. (Assume that if you are awarded funding, it will not be available before September.) Be realistic with this: everything takes longer than you anticipate, and funders do not look favourably on researchers who do not complete on time. Include milestones – measurable outputs that will be available by specified dates. Max 1 page per year. 10. Budget for the research, by year, taking into account salary increments and inflation. Use the headings: salaries; travel costs including allowances; capital equipment; consumables (paper, phone, fax, email etc); overheads (state how overheads are calculated – eg some universities charges 40% of all salary costs); total. You should ensure that the budget is ‘reasonable’ in the context of the objectives: funders are unlikely to award £1 million for research involving one person for one year, with lots of overseas trips of doubtful relevance; nor for research which will benefit only a very small number of people. Max 1 page. Note: you would normally include a statement of how the proposed research matches the funder’s objectives; a section describing previous work relevant to the proposal that the research team has been involved in; CVs of relevant personnel; and often a logical framework – these should be omitted in this assignment.] It is most important to ensure that your proposal is logical: e.g. your background section covers the important areas of what is and is not known in the field of your proposed research; your aim and objectives follow from the background; your arguments of the importance of the aim and objectives are convincing; your study design ensures that you will (potential risks apart) attain the objectives; your choice of methods, sample size, sampling method and planned analysis are appropriate and justified; your assessment of potential risks is realistic; your timetable is feasible; you have (or will hire) personnel with the necessary skills to complete the work; in so far as is possible you have considered all the costs that will arise during the research. Please do not forget the importance of gender and equity in research projects! ( example for reseach propsal is ” risk factors of acute diarrhea among children under two age in X country” ). whant I want to do is something about ” high prevelance of diabetes in my contry Kuwait or in similar context”.

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