Heritage place " Souq Waqif " transforming in to a hub for tourists

| February 12, 2014

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we have a research project , we have first a research proposal to do which contains from 6 steps , we have already finish the first and second step and had the LITERATURE REVIEW to do , which should contain ( a detailed , critical analysis of the relevant literature and secondary data. Add plenty of discussion and draw out the most important points to develop a theoretical framework ..
and the research questions should be presented as being the logical outcome of the literature review and towards satisfying the problem statement . outline of the information needs to answer the research Questions ( e.g in form of a table )
This is what we have done so far :
Introduction : –
Souq Waqif is a culture and a tourist attraction place in Qatar.
It’s the first choice that tourist choose to discover Qatar heritage and culture, and see the developed Qatar from another prospective.
In our research, we are willing to find out how the modernization of Souq wagif can affect its spirit as a heritage site, and is it losing its values between the local people.
First thing we are going to discuss about our main problem and main issues, then we are going to base our research into 5 main questions to solve our problem statement , The second step is that we are going to conduct a detailed relevant literature and secondary data review based on our reach questions, followed by preparing a survey in order to collect data to help us in finding more about our research questions.
Finally we are going to do a project plan on how we carried out our research mentioning responsibilities of each member .
Problem definition & main issues
Problem description: In this research we are aiming to find how souq wagif serves locals and tourist as attraction place. We want to find how souq wagif will effect old regular gust who visit souq wagif before it becomes one of the most tourist attraction.
Problem statement: is transforming a cultural heritage site into a hub for tourists will affect the spirit of the place?
Research questions :
1. What makes souq wagif a popular attraction to the visitors?
2. How will Souq wagif maintain its sustainability as a cultural heritage site?
3. What is the negativity on Souq Wagif as a tourist attraction?
4. How will the rapid development of Qatar affect Souq Wagif as a cultural tourist attraction
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