| September 22, 2016

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Safety Inspection and Report: Each student will complete a Safety Inspection and prepare a typed report to “management” detailing the hazards and the recommended solutions. On the OSHA website (, go to the “Small Business” link, and then to the “Small Business Handbook”. Within this document, use the Self Inspection Checklist (a PDF file). Print the checklist and use it to provide a review of your selected site. Be sure to get site approval from a proper authority prior to conducting this safety survey. Do not include the name of the company, but please describe what kind of workplace it is (construction, chemical manufacturer, etc.) I would encourage you to do a worksite that has sufficient hazards, examples that do not work well include retail establishments, offices, and small distribution centers; there are not many OSHA related items to assess in these facilities. If you have questions concerning the choice of the workplace, please ask the instructor.
Submit a summary of each checklist section to turn in as your assessment of the conditions (both positive and negative) of the selected site. Please discuss each item in the order it is found in the checklist. Include all sections, but for those sections that do not apply, give a reason why (do not just mark N/A). Include problems and possible solutions. The completed checklist should not be included in the report, do the report in a narrative format. The typed summary of each section should be sufficiently descriptive to address each item in the checklist. Successful reports were between 7 and 15 pages; please do not go over 16 pages. Submit the assignment in the D2L dropbox for the class.

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