Heaven is For Real

| February 17, 2014

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Students may read Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo for extra credit points. After reading the book, students must summarize the important points of each chapter. In the paper, students must describe 4 points in the book that were most profound. Your final paragraph should end with a discussion of how this story fits into your personal beliefs about life after death. This paper must be at least 3 Double Spaced pages using a 12 point font.
Sample Paper
Heaven Is for Real is an authentic narrative about a 4-year old boy in Nebraska who slipped from consciousness through surgery and went to heaven. When he survived from the operation, he woke up and begun narrating on how he looked down and saw his father praying for him in the waiting room while the doctor was carrying out the surgery. His family barely believed what they were hearing from their son but later the whole truth revealed itself. He even said he met his sister who had been miscarried yet nobody had told him about such a story. His great grandfather who had died thirty years before his own birth was no exception and to add on their meeting, they shared a lot about each other. The book has twenty seven chapters which describe the reasons why people should believe in heaven. In chapter one ???The Crawl-A-See-Um??? is the story of the family trip that turned sour. The family was to travel to Greely, Colorado where an accident happened leaving the member with terrible injuries that lasted for seven months; this made them use a lot of finances. However, they got through this and decided to have fun in the butterfly pavilion. They first stopped at the Crawl-A-See-Un, which was a room with terrariums housing creepy-crawly insects…….ORDER NOW……http://unimasteressays.com/order/
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