Hearsay/Trial Preparation

| July 20, 2016

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In this assignment, you will prepare an essay on the hearsay rule and the rationale behind the rule. Explain the 4 main dangers of hearsay, and discuss 2 hearsay exceptions. Include examples.


Assignment Guidelines


Address the following in 900 words:


1-What is the hearsay rule? Explain in detail.


–What major cases were involved in the establishment of the hearsay rule? Summarize.


–What is the rationale behind the rule? Explain.


2-What issues exist regarding the hearsay rule? Explain.


3-What are the 4 main dangers of hearsay? Explain in detail.

4-What are the hearsay exceptions? Explain.


–Are there any hearsay exceptions that you disagree with? Why or why not? Explain.


Use at least 2 scholarly resources to support your arguments.

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