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| March 26, 2019

Health care issues continue to challenge managers and administrators in the field. Some of these issues create ethical challenges for a health care organization. Often, issues related to the right to die, physician-assisted suicide, and other death and dying situations generate a great divide among health care scholars, policy makers, and leaders. Today’s health care managers are challenged with facing these issues in their organizations, and they need to be prepared to see various sides of the debate.

For this assignment, choose a current ethical issue related to death and dying that you feel challenges health care managers. Topics need to be current and related to one of the following:

  • Physician-assisted suicide
  • The right to die
  • Prolonging life after physicians have declared a patient brain-dead
  • An issue surrounding traumatic cases where life support is needed

Define the challenge, and present two sides of the issue. Support each stance with the most recent research on this particular topic.

Discuss the impact that this particular issue has on health care organizations as a whole, including legal costs and other challenges.

Deliverable Length:   5-7 pages, excluding cover page, abstract page, and reference page

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