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| October 29, 2015

Questions: 1.2; 10.10, pg. 363.
Problems: 9.1; 9.2; 9.4; (pgs. 323-324), and 10.1; 10.4a. & c (Do not write out or plot the SML); 10.5; pgs. 363-364.
Please include the calculations step by step. Please make sure you write the questions and the problems as well. Aslo the question 10.2 is diffrent that problem 10.2 so make sure you pay attention to that cause last time you had questions 8.3-8.6 but you forgot the problems.

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The effect of treadmill on adolescent cerebral palsy gait compared to ground walking
Does radiation dose of CT imaging increase the risk of cancer (brain tumours - leukaemia) in children?


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