| February 10, 2014

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Paragraph 1 = 134 word and 1-2 references
• Describe how you will apply the three components of a cover letter to your chosen grant proposal.
• Do the goals and objectives support your problem statement? Please explain.
Paragraph 2 = 134 word and 1-2 references
Based upon your own experience respond to the following scenario. Support your statements with relevant theories and data.
The president of a health-care facility announces that all personnel at the hospital are to treat every person the same and that there are no inherent differences between one group of people and another. She indicates that although there has been a request for a cultural competence and diversity committee, she does not see the need for it, and all matters involving cultural and diversity concerns are to be handled by Human Resources.
Based on this statement, at what level of the Cultural Competence Continuum would this organization be placed? Which essential elements from more advanced stages of the continuum are missing from the President’s response? Basing your remarks in the theories, how would you respond to the President’s decision?
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