Health Services and Facility Planning

| August 5, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. Provide the rationale for your project for assessment of “controlling childhood obesity”- at least six good reasons why you should undertake this project.


  1. Write one goal statement for assignment of “controlling childhood obesity” and create a list of your objectives- at least four.


  1. List the headings that you find in your planning project for assignment of “controlling childhood obesity”- and be careful to identify separate issues as separate chapters.


  1. Who should be involved in the planning team for your first assignment of “controlling childhood obesity”? (This list is called a stakeholder analysis).


  1. Against objectives for your project, list how these will be evaluated ie impact measures.

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Develop a resource schedule and draw a loading chart to see if it is possible to complete the project in 10 months with only 2 machines
Case Based Study


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