| May 20, 2015

1-Using a dissectible human torso model, point out the dorsal and ventral body cavities and list out the organs in each cavity Dorsal cavity Ventral cavity


2- Discuss to comment on how “anatomical position ” differs from the “usual” standing position and explain why knowing this position is important to precisely identify anatomical terms and physiological processes.


3-What are some other frequent causes of injury in the abdominopelvic area other than automobile accidents ? What are the common causes of automobile accidents? What type of impact most frequently leads to abdominopelvic injuries?


4- CT scans are used commonly in emergency rooms when a patient needs to be assessed for the level of trauma to the abdominal pelvic area. Why do they do this? What other ways do emergency rooms assess the level of damage in the abdominopelvic area?


5- Which organs are injured most frequently? What is the impact on body functioning?


6-What are some common treatments for removing, or making less evident, scar tissue on skin? What are the proposed mechanisms on how these treatments would work?


7- What is the treatment for scar tissue in soft tissue areas around joints and ligaments (contractures)?


8-Mr Harvey, a computer programmer, has been complaining about numbness and pain in his right hand. His physician diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome and prescribed a splint. Where will Mr Harvey apply the splint? Be sure to use correct anatomical terminology in your answer.


9-How does the type of epithelium alter down the respiratory pathway from trachea to alveolus? Describe any changes and their functional implications.


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