Health Promotion

| September 26, 2015

In each lecture session an exam question will be given.
Each week students need to construct a 2-3 paragraph (or 200-250 word) response to the question on the basis of the lecture content (do not reference the lecture but you may cite references used in the lecture), readings from your readings list and wider readings. Hence each week students should have a draft response to one exam question. These answers can be polished and improved on all semester until submission time.
Questions;; 1. What is the different about a setting approach to health promotion compared
to a population based or health issue?
2. Identify one pre-requisite for health and discuss how a lack of this can
prevent health.
3. Identify a setting as per the WHO definition. Then identify the key
populations who live work and play in this setting, and their associated health
4. What are four key actions that are needed in order to ensure that social
marketing works?

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Field Practicum
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Category: Helthcare

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