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| February 10, 2014

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A health policy pertains to the promotion or limitation of circumstances that affect health issues or concerns of a population. They can have influence in the regulation of other guiding principles, whether in a local community or in government. Health policy is often associated with social values and principles that occur in the healthcare system. In addition, it’s important to relate how social beliefs can form a pattern of decisions. This is often the case with health care concerns that are addressed. A policy position is the recognition of a health problem that can influence policy change. This is often termed the policy statement. For this course, you will have a policy position assigned to you. You may have a positive standpoint or one that you do not support. That will be your choice, however, either way you will include the evidence for that decision.
Assigned Policy: Heroin use is increasing due to the low cost of the drug. How will this impact maternal child patients, specifically drug withdrawal in newborn.
Description of assignment.
Identify the target population that this policy position affects. Reflect on the individual, sociocultural and the economic elements of the policy position.
Target population is the description of the population your policy project will serve. For this assignment you are identify the target population, also known as, the target audience who will be aided by your support for the policy (nurses, physicians, emergency services, and tax payers). Consider the needs of the population and what your policy intends to address. Please include data that supports your findings. It should be written in APA format not exceeding 250 words. Please include one reference.
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