Health Policy and Management

| July 15, 2016

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Within the context of your intro, share your perspective on the importance of “finding balance” between the roles of healthcare delivery providers, such as nurses and assorted clinicians in a hospital environment next to the business/financial component that drives variables such as costs, length of stay, discharge protocols, admit/surgical denials, and any others. Further consider that there is (or should be) a synergy among/between patient care providers and bean counters, yet it requires money to keep the beds open and salaries paid—just as it takes the care provided by trained professionals on the units. How effective is writing “policy” on matters such as these?


Content of the essay:


  1. Identify and analyze a problem
  2. Outline and analyze proposed solutions
  3. Explain the background of the issue including its history and previous attempts to address the problem
  4. Name any inherent values that need to be assessed
  5. Determine the resources, both financial and human, needed to bring the issue forward and to reach a resolution
  6. Describe a plan of action or policy based on your conclusions

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3rd week Patho
Why ethics are important in anti-discriminatory practice for health and social care workers.


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