Health Financial Management

| July 23, 2016

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Assignment 1

Please answer the following questions:

To quote from the Clarke article, “In this Roundtable, veteran healthcare executives offer advice and best practices on how hospitals can overcome some of the common issues concerning capital allocation.” Of the suggestions offered by the health care executives, which concept(s) give you the greatest insight into creating an improved Capital Planning process in the organization where you work (or one in which you are familiar)? Be sure to identify which article or executive you are referencing.

How could you use the discounted cash flow analysis concepts as described in this Module at your organization, or an organization of which you are familiar? Keep your answer to no more than a few sentences.

Assignment 2

Please answer one question from the attached document titled “document one”


Assignment 3

Please answer the following question:

How can you apply the lessons learned in this chapter “The concepts of Strategic Financial Planning as used in health care.“ to your current or previous job, or other personal setting?

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