Health Economics

| June 20, 2015

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


paper rubric : 
1) Topic: Picks a narrow health economics topic / policy change
20% ( state what policy you going to analyze and who proposed it , when ..) 

2) importance of the study : Justifies importance of the study / lists reasons for government intervention 10% ( label every member, identify market failures…) 

3) literature review : Reviews several previous research papers on chosen or similar policy/ topic 15% ( don’t expect a lot of references )

Now for part 4 and 5 it should be your own analysis no help from other studies 

4 ) Theoritical  model : Applies one theoretical model presented in class to chosen topic 20% ( We covered several theoretical models in class: health production function, rational and myopic addiction, externalities, adverse selection … ) I expect you to use one of these models. Illustrate your analysis with a graphical presentation if appropriate.

5 ) conclusion : Reconciles theoretical predictions with previous literature

References : All outside sources and numbers are referenced





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