Health Disparities

| November 16, 2015

Health Disparities
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As you think about the patients you currently serve or hope to work with in the future, it is important to be aware of the health disparities some populations experience. In this assignment, you will examine health disparities for a population of your choice and then offer a community-based approach to improve patient outcomes. When selecting your population, consider aspects of culture, geographical area, generational factors, and any other factors that might be considered outside the perspective of the majority population. Describe the types of health disparities for this group, and then select one health care concern to focus on for the rest of the assignment. For example, the elderly might be your population and the health care concern could be heart disease.
•Specify the selected population.
•Identify the types of health disparities for this group and select one health care concern to focus on for this assignment.
•Distinguish factors that create health disparities for this population. ?Why does this group have health disparities?

•Describe the identified health concern for this population as well as the pharmacological treatment for the condition.
•Describe and discuss how the cultural values, socio-economic status, and traditional beliefs and practices impact the acceptance of pharmacological treatment for this identified health concern.
•Offer at least one strategy for a community-based approach to improve the current pharmacological treatment regimens for this population. ?What types of community outreach programs could be consulted to effectively reach your target population?
?Are there education, access, or other issues that community programs could help address?
•Discuss why you believe this strategy would be effective. Support your rationale with references from at least three resources, at least two of which must be from resources not required for this course.
Additional Requirements
•Length of paper: 3–4 pages, not including title page and reference page.
•References: At least three resources, two of which must be from resources not required for this course.
•Formatting: Follow proper APA style and formatting.

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