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| January 31, 2016

What is a Midlevel Provider? Discussion Assignment

Read the articles (Expanding the Functions of Dental Hygienists, Atherton-Pickett & Pinkston, 2013 and brows the ADHA magazine) then answer the following questions:

  • What is a Dental Health Professions Shortage Area (DHPSA)? Describe exactly how a region is designated as a DHPSA.
  • What is Medicaid? How is it funded?
  • What is a midlevel dental provider? (Note: Read ALL of the required articles before answering this question)
  • Why do many people in the dental profession advocate for the development of a midlevel provider (aka: what are the advantages)?
  • What challenges do you forsee related to developing a midlevel provider position in the United States? (Note: the articles discuss this in detail)
  • Does the state that you plan to work in (after graduation) have a midlevel provider? Research the answer to this question and tell me where you found the information.

Investigate a Midlevel Provider Discussion Assignment

Step 1: Investigate one of the midlevel provider models

Choose one of the states mentioned in the module articles. Investigate the midlevel dental provider model that is proposed (or in use) in that state and answer the following questions:

  • Which midlevel provider and state did you choose?
  • Describe the scope of practice (allowable procedures) for this midlevel provider.
  • Describe the educational requirements for the midlevel provider.

BODEX Discussion

Visit the following website:

This is the website for the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners. Read the “What We Do” section on the home page for an overview of the functions of the dental board. For those of you who plan to work in the state of Arizona, the dental board (called “BODEX” by most dental professionals) manages your licensure. All states have a licensing/governing agency that dental providers are subject to.

Step 1: Answer the following question below. Cut/paste the question into your discussion post, and then provide your response:

How many members serve on the board, what professions are represented, how long is the term and how are members selected to serve on the board?

Step 2: Choose four of the below sets of questions (from the set of 14). Cut/paste the questions into your discussion post, and then provide your response. (Note: attempt to use your own words). You will have to search the BODEX website for answers:

  1. How often is a dental hygiene license renewed? What is the fee for licensure renewal? When are licenses renewed (during the calendar year)? What should a hygienist do when he/she moves? What penalties are assessed for failure to comply?
  1. What happens if you allow your license to expire? Explain the process and provide fees.
  1. Explain how a prorated license works (explain significant dates). What is the fee for a prorated license?
  1. Provide three examples of “unprofessional conduct” according to BODEX.
  1. What does it mean to be “licensed by credential?” List two requirements that a dental hygienist must meet in order to obtain licensure by credential.
  1. How many dental hygienists can a dentist supervise at one time? What is the difference between direct vs. general supervision?
  1. A hygienist may administer local anesthesia (under direct supervision of a dentist) when four conditions are met. Name those four conditions (note: this has nothing to do with being WREB licensed to give anesthesia).
  1. Describe three situations/settings in which a license to practice dentistry or dental hygiene is not required in the state of Arizona.
  1. Describe three situations/settings in which a license to practice dentistry or dental hygiene is not required in the state of Arizona.
  1. Provide three reasons why the board may deny licensure to a dental hygienist.
  1. What happens when a dentist or dental hygienist is found to be impaired by alcohol or drugs? Describe the disciplinary actions that the board may take for failure to comply.
  1. If a dental provider is charged with a crime, what are they required to do? Describe the disciplinary actions that the board may take for failure to comply.
  1. Describe the process for filing a complaint against a dental provider. List three types of disputes that do NOT fall under the jurisdiction of the board.
  1. How long are dental offices required to keep patient records? Can a dental office charge a patient for the transfer of their records to another office? Can records be released to the patient, another provider or both?

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