Health and Welfare of the Elderly in Hampton Roads, Virginia

| February 20, 2014

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See uploaded document in my account. Hampton Roads is a region of Southeast Virginia in the USA. Answer the questions 1 through 11 and write a one (1) page essay analyzing the impact of the community on the health and welfare of an elderly client in Hampton Roads.
1. Identify the boundaries of Hampton Roads.
2. List 4 – 7 major health services inside the Hampton Roads community.
3. List the 10 most common causes of death in Hampton Roads.
4. List the 10 most common ethnic groups in Hampton Roads.
5. What is the age distribution? The gender distribution? The average educational level?
6. List environmental threats to elders in Hampton Roads.
7. List opportunities for healthy activities for elders in Hampton Roads.
8. Describe the average climate of each season in Hampton Roads.
9. List the possible effects of climate on health status of an elderly client.
10. List where you find information about emergency services/evacuation plans in Hampton Roads.
11. List the flora and fauna found in Hampton Roads.
Essay: Analyze the impact of the community on the health and welfare of an elderly client in Hampton Roads.
A-What are the risks and benefits of living in Hampton Roads as an elderly individual?
B-Discuss services that would enhance the quality of life for the elderly living in Hampton Roads.
C-Do you recommend Hampton Roads as a place for elderly to live?
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