he effect of external sources on a health care organization

| February 6, 2014

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Expectations 1. The key points I will be looking for in your response is how well you identify the force and how the organization adapted to change. 2. Use the background materials to support your answer. 3. Address ALL questions in at least 2 full text pages. The Assignment – Adaptation 1. The external forces that affect any healthcare organization are: competition, technology, community service, funding, and workforce. 2. Choose two (2) forces from the above list, and discuss how they affected a healthcare organization of your choice (using the literature from the past 5 years), to the extent of this organization needing to undergo a major adaptation change in its operations or approach to health care delivery. Use the following subheadings: a. The Organization – describe briefly b. External force A: Identify the effect, and The adapted change c. External force B: Identify the effect, and The adapted change
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