Hazardous Waste and Vector-Borne Disease

| May 23, 2014

• Describe the priority area you have selected and present at least one illness that results from contamination or exposure in this area. Include references and statistics validating the significance of the problem.

• Explain current public health gaps or needs for this problem, including the effect, if any, of culture or socioeconomic status in increasing the risk factor for the environmental health threat.

• Describe at least one possible community-based public health or environmental stewardship intervention that is used or could be used to prevent or reduce this problem.

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Emergency Preparedness
Write an essay on the following statement: "It is always wrong to sexually molest children." In your essay you should define the following terms: Sexual molestation children. Consider: is a sixteen year old a child? would the morality of the statement change if instead of "children" the statement referred to “anyone?" Is this a statement of a universal moral principle? Do cultures agree on what constitutes sexual molestation, and on what a child is? If they do not agree on what those terms mean, does that affect the universality of the principle? Evaluate the statement from the perspective of utilitarianism, Kant, and virtue ethics.

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