Guinea Worm Eradication Project

| September 24, 2015

Please viewed the Carter Center video on the Guinea worm: And answer the following question
1 Explain the strengths of using a systems approach to this health problem. In particular, discuss the ways in which unintended consequences be
2 The role of the fifth can be the researcher of the systems approach.
some research are below, but more research are needed: thanks •
Online video: Guinea Worm: Countdown to Zero

• View this short video produced by the Carter Center about the Guinea worm disease eradication program.

• The Carter Center: Guinea Worm Eradication Program
• Further information on the Guinea worm eradication program is provided on this Web page on the Carter Center Web site.
• W. K. Kellogg Foundation. (2004). Logic model development guide. Battle Creek, MI: Author. Retrieved from

The Kellogg Foundation’s Logic Model Development Guide provides descriptions and examples of logic models that can be useful in many planning activities within public health. Refer to this guide as you complete this week’s Application assignment, in which you and your group are asked to create a logic model.

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Guinea Worm Eradication Project
Research and Article Critique


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