Guidelines for Course Assignments

| November 20, 2015

Guidelines for Course Assignments:


E­­­­­­­­­xaminations –You will have a Midterm and Final examination in this class. These exams will focus on your assigned readings as well as material discussed in class. The format for the Midterm exam will be true/false, multiple choice and short answer essay. The Final exam will be a short answer take home essay examination.


Journal Discussions – Each week you are asked to respond to an assigned question in journal format. Your responses should be thoughtful, complete and typed (12 pt. font, double-spaced) not to exceed two pages in length.


Week #1: Describe your major personality traits and discuss factors you think may have contributed to the development of your current personality.


Week #2:Evaluate your current use of perceived coping mechanisms. What waysdo

you most commonly use and why? Where or how did you learn to use these coping mechanisms to deal with stress?


Week #3:  What emotions (feelings) do you have the greatest difficulty dealing with and why?  Discuss how you most often tend to communicate these emotions.

Week #4:  Discuss the current state of your spiritual health. How did you arrive at the place you are now? Are you satisfied with this dimension of your life (explain why or why not)?


Week #5:  Personal relationships are an important part of our lives. Discuss the greatest obstacles you face in developing and maintaining personal relationships in your life.


Week #6:  Evaluate the mental/emotional health of your family of origin. Discuss how the model(s) for adjustment, communication, and coping you had as a child have positively or negatively impacted you as an adult.

Week #7:  Time, or a perceived lack of time, is one of the most commonly named sources of stress. What are your strengths as a time manager?  What are your greatest weaknesses? Discuss one thing in your life you wish to prioritize and create more time for.


Week #8:  What would you like to be true in the future that is not true now? Pick a one year time frame and if you had the perfect year then…1) What would you want to be different this year?  2) What would you try or learn?  3) What would you end?

4) What would you want to start?


Week #9:  Your choice…you pick the topic.


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