Guided Critical Review of a Journal Article

| April 2, 2015

This is a question and answer assessment, please label each question and answer ,for example, label 1 for question one as set in the guide when you answer .
This assessment is only 1500 words please do not exceed the word limit.
Remember to use the Journal of Clinical Nursing to answer the questions. You will also need to find relevant and current information as the Journal has old information , all information must be only 5 years old. From 2010 – 2015.
No information will be accepted under 2010…………………..

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Qualitative Data Analysis Using Open Coding Gender difference, anxiety and fear of crime 1995
Oscar is a motor mechanic who operates a garage. Inside his garage a sign reads “owners liability at own risk, please do not enter.” He decides to offer half-price tune-ups to regular customers to reward their loyalty and identifies his 50 most regular customers from his records and mails the offer to them, addressed to: “Dear Valued Regular Customer”. Oscar’s letter states the discount will be available to anyone replying within two months of the date of the letter. Having anticipated that about a quarter of those to whom he sent the offer might accept, Oscar is concerned about the financial consequences for his business when 25 customers have already accepted the offer within a month. He therefore decides to withdraw the offer and writes to the remaining 25 customers to advise them of this

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