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| February 11, 2014

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Guest lecturer reports.
Whenever you have an external lecturer e.g. Prof. James Welsh, you are required to write a report. This should be approximately 2 ? 3 sides of A4, 11 ? 12 font, 1.5 ? 2 line spacing with relevant figures and tables. It should have the title of the presentation, the speaker, the date and the venue at the top, of the first page. You should give a synopsis of the content and a paragraph or two on what you thought of the talk?s relevance to your career and perhaps the quality of the presentation itself. Printing the speaker?s slides and presenting them as your report is NOT acceptable.
? Other sections ( dependent on experience)
o Membership and notes of Institution events.
o Short reports on day visits to industry, field courses and vacation training.
o Published papers / prize-winning submissions.
o Industrial experience.
? Be selective in the material you include, include the type of personal work listed above and avoid voluminous reports, manufacturers? literature etc.
? Illustrations such as drawings and photographs add interest to technical reports and can suggest flair and style.
? Aim for quality rather than quantity; demonstrate effort and perseverance by the range of material included.
? Maintain it regularly ? no last minute panic.
Degree schemes in Engineering are essentially vocational training, it is anticipated that most, but not all, of you will go on to become practising engineers in your chosen field. The degrees in the Cardiff School of Engineering are accredited by the relevant Institutions which are governed in the UK by the Engineering Council. Therefore some of the aims of the record files are
? to draw attention to and participation in the professional Institutions? activities throughout your undergraduate career;
? to focus on the approved route to Chartered Engineer (C. Eng) status;
? to enhance the links between undergraduate studies, industrial activity and Institution events.
Participation in your relevant Institution?s activities can have many benefits:
? keep up-to-date with current practice;
? meet practising engineers and really find out what a career in engineering involves,
? networking, which can lead to career opportunities,
? many Institutions award prizes, bursaries and grants to help with your education and
? student membership is usually free.
Try this short quiz to improve your knowledge and understanding of how to become a qualified engineer (answers on
1. What is the Engineering Council?
2. What types of Engineer are there on its register?
3. What are the stages in becoming a Chartered Engineer?
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