Gruhme marketing plan

| July 31, 2016

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Assignment Remit

You are required to write a report on the following:


With reference to the case study that you researched in Semester 1 (Gruhme)


  1. Critically appraise its current external environment, clearly identifying the firm’s current competitive and market position.
  2. Given your analysis in task 1 above, what strategy (ies) should the firm implement in order to ensure survival and growth in the future?


Module Learning Outcomes:

  1. Critically analyse and evaluate quantitative and qualitative data to determine an organisation’s competitive advantage and competitive marketing position.


  1. Explore the opportunities and constraints (internal and external) within which an organisation has to develop marketing strategy.


  1. Critically appraise an appropriate strategic market planning approach which effectively demonstrates an evaluation of markets, products and customers.


  1. Develop a strategic marketing plan which is appropriately structured, justified and can be realistically implemented.


  1. Analyse the challenges associated with marketing planning and the implications of such plans in relation to wider social and environmental issues.

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