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| January 21, 2014

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This is a Group Dynamic Course. Please used your imagination or your personal experience. Some help: These are the questions what I have to answer it. My group is a female group everybody well prepared.They always have good idea.They are doing everything 100%. I was not that prepared than they are.I was quiet during the team work. Also I have to work on the communication because this is my second(third) language.) So please use your own word what you are think or some of your experience.I need a sample or “guide” for this. If you have any question please let me know. Here are the questions. 1. What are your observations about yourself and others in the meetings and team exercises so far? (specify the situations and the emotion felt or thoughts you had) 2. How have I participated in the different group situations and what impact did my behavior have on other people, the task and myself? How did I react to feedback? 3. Are there aspects of how I behave that I would like to do differently? Which ones and why? 4. Are there aspects of other people‚Äôs behavior that I found challenging? 5. How did I respond to their behavior? Was my response effective in moving forward? 6. How can I respond more effectively to behavior or situations that I disagree with?
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Gender relations and conflict three main issues
The emancipation of women means that the number and intensity of conflicts will diminish as women are natural conflict resolvers


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