graphic design

| June 19, 2015

graphic design

Research, develop and write a case study that examines a designed object in order to represent a historical story of design and identity, between 1945 and 1985.

Your case study must include both images and text in an effort to investigate and analyse how your designed object has engaged with social and political issues such as gender, cultural diversity and consumption practices. Covering the period from the end of the Second World War to the mid eighties, design is understood as communicative and as an indispensable element in our social relationships.

Your case study will consider how your designed object was identified with through a critical evaluation of the social, cultural and political issues that have impacted upon its design, production and consumption.
1. You will select a designed object from the period 1945-1985. It must be a specific object on display at a museum of your choice. Think carefully about your object: make sure that you are interested in it and that it offers a wealth of research opportunities.

2. You will examine your chosen object in detail, conducting an analysis and evaluation of its design in relation to its wider context. You will consider its aesthetics, the design process, economic influences, technological considerations, socio-cultural context, its environmental impact and the value/meaning of the object: your case study will provide a ‘biography’ of sorts for the object that you have selected. This means you will investigate how the object came to be designed, produced and consumed.

3. You must take a critical approach to researching your object and writing the case study. This means you must evaluate your findings, not just describe what you find out. A good case study will examine the interplay of social, cultural and political issues in order to provide a complete picture of something. Your case study must explain how the chosen designed object is related to one of the lecture themes. The lecture themes are as follows:
A. Postmodernism (e.g. you might choose to discuss how and why Postmodernism has influenced the design, production and, perhaps most importantly, the consumption of your chosen object; carefully consider definitions of Postmodernism as it could be both an idea and a style of design)




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