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| November 20, 2015

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What comes to your mind when talking about traditional Indian marriages?


For a very long period of time, the Indian society is affected or even controlled by its cast system. This system of social stratification has a huge impact on many aspects of people’s lives, including their marriages. Under the cast system, Indian culture traditionally seek arranged marriages. This phenomena is still happening in the modern Indian society.


“There are some people that are still getting arranged marriages, but for people who’s immigrated to other countries, [the arranged marriage]doesn’t happen to them any more,” Yash Chavdhary says.


Navi Lidhar was born and raised in Canada. Her father is from England while her mother is from India. Lidhar met her boyfriend, Yash Chavdhary in the university of Toronto when they were both working as residents’ advisers. Chavdhary was born in India and moved to Canada with his family in 2002. Lidhar and Chavdhary has been together for almost 3 years.


In the traditional Indian cultures, marriage is not only about the couple themselves but their families. In fact, for a very long period of time,arranged marriages accounted for an overwhelming majority of marriages in the Indian ssociety. The youngest generation, however, have a different perspective on relationships and marriages. When asked about if they need to get their parents permission before start a relationship, Lidhar and Chavdhary both give a ‘No’ for an answer.


“ They probably want me to ask, they think that’s how it should go, but obviously that’s not,” Lidhar says.


Chavdhard’s parents were married after their families introduced them to each others. “There wasn’t a word called ‘dating’ in their marriage, Chavdhard says.” As a dating couple who spend most of their time in Canada- a country that has a unique multicultural society- Lidhar and Chavdhary are apparently in a different situation. In their perspectives, marriage is not just about bringing two families and their collective resources together, it’s more about love.


Bhavani Raman is an associate professor in the South Asian Culture Department in USTC. She believes that the change in Indian relationships and marriages is caused by many factors, including the demographic element.


“The Indian marriages are becoming more and more modernized. A lot of people are dealing with immigration. So in many cases, the demographic natures plays a big role in marriages,”Raman says. “If one of them[the couple] is immigrating, it obviously has an impact on their relationship.”


In some ways, this change can be treated as a good thing. The younger generation that has a chance to get in touch with different cultures have more control in decision making when finding their second half of life.


However, having an immigration background doesn’t mean that their traditions and cultures are abandoned. Lidhar says her family still has some standards for her when choosing her lifelong companion, and her family wants her to treat those standards very seriously.


“You are kind of being informed from the western ideas of what a wedding should be like, but every person in your family want you to hear their ideas as well,” Lidhar says.


Lidhar’s family expects her to find someone that has similar cultural background. Not surprisingly, same thing happens to many people, especially those who have a immigration background. According to professor Raman, the Indian society was extremely conservative and strictly divided based on people’s cast. Even in the 21st century, the Indian culture is still in a ‘revolution state’. Thus, the relationship between men and women is changing rapidly through time.


Lidhar and her boyfriend are having a relationship that is completely based on free will and their love to each other. Comparing to people who’s been living with someone they barely know before wedding, they treated themselves as the lucky ones. When talking about the ideal wedding in the future, they both want the wedding to including traditional Indian elements and the western elements.


“What Indian people tend to do here is, they bring elements from traditional Indian wedding, but make it very modern, that sounds very appealing to me, Lidhar says.


Chavdhard like this idea too. He wants the wedding to be mixed with different elements from different cultures, both his homeland and the place he lives now.


“I like Indian weddings because it has some unique elements, but since I’ve been brought into the western culture, I’m appealed to this side as well,” he said.





























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grammar check and revise
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